An individual who has done his graduate work  in a University which is not the Hebrew University, an Israeli or  a non Israeli University, may be admitted to the Hebrew University as a research student, if he holds a diploma or an academic degree which is considered by the Authority for Research Students to be equivalent to a Master’s degree (with thesis) from the Hebrew University.

A candidate must meet the following conditions:

(a) He studied at a recognized university and holds a Master’s Degree with a thesis with the following grades:

          Master’s Degree – minimum grade 85;

          Master’s thesis – minimum grade 85 (90 in Humanities);

          Master’s final exam – minimum grade 85 (wherever applicable)

(b) The Authority for Research Students finds him adequately prepared to pursue research in the field of his choice.

 (c) The suggested research can be carried out at the Hebrew University.

 (d) Prior to registration, candidates should find and obtain the written consent of an advisor for their doctoral dissertation in the relevant department.