Annual Registration

Each Ph.D. student will submit an annual registration form each year.

Courses studied in the current year will be written on the form, yet submission of the form each year is mandatory in order to obtain a status of a student during the academic year (also in case the student does not take any courses).

Submission of an annual registration form is necessary in order to be able to get a teaching position and / or a scholarship.

Academic units may limit registration to courses for either academic or administrative reasons. Please make sure you are allowed to participate in each specific course via the academic unit in charge of the course.

Annual registration for the academic year of 2018/9 begins on September 3rd, 2018. 

Please submit the form as soon as possible and not later than the opening date of the academic year (14/10/2018).

You may submit the form via email to your referee in the Authority for Research Students, fax, mail or personally.

Courses listed on the annual registration form are those defined as Supplementary studies, approved by your advisory committee (if you are at Stage B) or recommended by your supervisor as required for your research (if you are at Stage A).

Courses which you might wish to take and are not within your Ph.D. studies, either within studies towards another degree or for your general interest, should be submitted on a different form and charged separately regarding tuition.

Research student, whose supplementary studies were already defined by the Advisory Committee and wishes to change them, will submit a request on the form below, signed by the advisor/s and the members of the Advisory Committee.

Course Catalogue

Annual registration form

Change of supplementary studies - request form