Research in Progress: Follow up

A research student and his supervisor will meet the advisory committee during the research as often as  needed for consultation and examination of issues regarding the research.

Beyond the informal meetings there are two follow-up junctions during Stage B:

1. A second meeting of the advisory committee will be initiated by the supervisor and will take place within two years from the transfer from Stage A to Stage B. The student will report about the progress in his research and will present his plan how to continue. The committee will examine the progress in the light of the research proposal, will comment, suggest and instruct the student as for the continuation of the research in order to complete it on time. A report from this meeting, signed by all participants, will be submitted to the Authority for Research Students.

advisory committee - conclusions B (form) - Experimental Sciences

advisory committee - conclusions B (form) - Humanities and Social Sciences


2.1 Experimental Sciences - Seminar Lecture: Soon after completing the research, during the 5th year of studies, just before beginning to write the thesis, the student will present his research in a departmental forum. Two evaluators will be selected by the Authority for research students, to report about the student's presentation, whether the research is completed and if the student may begin writing the thesis. The reports will be submitted to the Authority for Research Students.

seminarylecture-instructions-082020 ENG_0 (3).docx

seminarlecture-instructions-042018_form_0_0 (4).docx

seminar lecture - conclusions (form)


2.2 Humanities and social Sciences - Progress Report: During the 5th year of studies of the student, towards completing the research work, the supervisor will prepare a Progress Report regarding the student's research. The report will be submitted to the advisory committee and after being approved by the supervisor, the student and the advisory committee, it will be submitted to the Authority for Research Students.

In specific departments, where a seminar lecture is required before the submission of the doctoral dissertation, please see a relevant form:

seminar lecture - conclusions (form) - humanities and social sciences


Research student, whose program of doctoral coursework was already defined by the Advisory Committee and wishes to change it, will submit a request on the form below, signed by the advisor/s and the members of the Advisory Committee.