Ph.D. Thesis: Format

  A doctoral dissertation can be written in one of the two following formats:
a.  A monographic dissertation which is a continuous coherent composition, written by the student with the guidance of the supervisor/s, which presents the research in its entirety
b.  A chapters dissertation, hence ASSUPA (set or collection of chapters), which is composed of independent chapters that are the results of the same research project and that evidence a clear connection among them. The ASSUPA must indicate that the student is the primary or major researcher and writer of the work, under the guidance of the supervisor/s (also in cases involving more than one researcher). 

c.On the website of the Library Authority, you can find doctoral dissertations that have been approved in the various fields. In the advanced search you can search by categories such as department, subject, author.

Please read the following instructions as well:

Guidelines for writing and submission of a thesis - Humanities and Social sciences.pdf

Guidelines for writing and submission of a thesis-Experimental Sciences 1120.pdf


Guidelines for ASSUPA - Humanities and Social Sciences.pdf

Guidelines for ASSUPA - Experimental Sciences 1120.pdf


Forms required within submission of a Ph.D. dissertation (some are in Hebrew):

Co-author consent


Suggested reviewers - Humanities and Social Sciences 

Suggested reviewers - In the Experimental Sciences – the advisors are requested to fill out the online form which will be sent  from the Online submission system, as soon as the dissertation is submitted.

Personal details


Registration form